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 3.99% APR

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 3.99% APR

VISA-Platinum-as low as

 8.99% APR


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on qualifying everyday and back to school purchases*

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Best Auto Loan in Salt Lake City

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If you live around here you need a car. Some of us are learning to ride a bike again and it’s a great way to get around…in the summer that is. In the winter, you need the right car. Almost 50% of the autos sold in Salt Lake County are Sports Utility Vehicles. Possibly because we all love sports but more likely because we don’t like getting stuck in the snow.

Granite Auto Loans

  • Rates start at just 4.24% APR.
  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Finance up to 100%
  • Apply online, in a branch or by phone.

We try hard to make sure that Granite Credit Union is the best place in town to get an auto loan. We make sure our rates are the best and terms will  fit your needs. Luckily, automobiles are more dependable and better built than ever before. With a little research you can get the right car that’ll last 10 or more years. Matching the term with the expected life of the car makes good sense. Our loan officers can help with that.

Call 801-288-3000 or toll free at 1-888-428-8326 to apply.

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Our job is to make sure you know the benefits available. If you’re tired of banking at a Financial Institution that is all about “maximizing profits,” you’ll see the difference right away.

Granite Credit Union was organized by educators for educators. They knew the consequences of trying to con an educator, so they made certain all of the credit union products and services were actually a benefit to the members. You’ll love the difference.


If you work for the Granite, Salt Lake or Murray School Districts, you’re eligible to join. You’re also eligible for membership if a member of your immediate family is already a member. In fact, if you live, work or worship in Salt Lake County, you’re also eligible.

Joining is Easy

Just give us a call and we’ll do most of the work to get your account set up. If you like to type, just click the button on the right and submit your request.

Call 801-288-3000 to toll free 1-888-428-8326

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Our next seminar will be Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 (12:00pm and 6:00pm) in the conference room in our Main Office at 3675 South 900 East in Salt Lake City.

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This video introduces you to the key differences between buying and renting a home. It’s important to think critically about which option best suits your personal and financial goals.