Granite offers free financial education and management resources to its members. Whether you want help with budgeting, planning for the future, or even tips about avoiding Identity Theft, Granite can help. Check out the online resources below:

It’s a Money Thing Academy

Enroll in this Credit Union sponsored financial literacy program for a fun and engaging way to learn about money. These entertaining courses and educational materials will help you take a closer look at your spending and savings and develop a plan of action to meet your financial goals. Learn more.


Aggregate all of your accounts and keep track of your finances all in one user-friendly place. Login to FlexTeller to learn more.

Avoiding Fraud & Identity Theft

Fraudsters are working hard on sophisticated and elaborate schemes to defraud you. The Credit Union is diligent in our effort to protect you from fraud, but you have a part to play as well. Learn more about common scams and schemes.

Debt Management & Financial Counseling

If the bills are starting to pile up, a chat with a counselor can help you review your options and determine a structured repayment plan. We have many resources available to help you navigate whatever financial challenges or opportunities arise. Give us a call, come visit us or check out the helpful links below.

It’s a Money Thing Academy

  • A Credit Union sponsored financial learning center. Learn to navigate all types of financial waters with fun and informative courses.

AAA Fair Credit Foundation – 1-800-351-4195

  • A local non-profit financial counseling service offering workshops, events, and classes, on financial coaching, debt management, budgeting and more.


  • A Utah State University Cooperative with helpful tools for budgeting, saving, debt management and more.