Granite offers free financial education and management resources to its members. Whether you want help with budgeting, planning for the future, or even tips about avoiding Identity Theft, Granite can help. Check out the online resources below:


Aggregate your accounts and keep track of your finances all in one place. Watch the video on the right hand side of this page or login to FlexTeller to learn more.

Financial Education

Access educational articles, in-depth mini-sites, e-newsletters and a full suite of financial calculators. Learn more.

Money Management

Take a closer look at your spending and savings plan, and develop a plan of action to meet your financial goals. Learn more.

Debt Management

If the bills are starting to pile up, a chat with a counselor can help you review your options and determine a structured repayment plan. Learn more.

Identity Theft Solution

Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, or how to recover if damage has already been done. Learn more.

We have lots of resources available to help you navigate whatever financial challenge or opportunities arise. Give us a call or come visit us, we’re here to help.