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Don’t Get Declined – Opt-in!

Benefits of Opting-in to Overdraft Protection on Your Debit Card Transactions.

Let’s face it. One of the many embarrassing moments in life is having a VISA card declined. Avoid this by “opting- in” to Overdraft Protection on your ACH debits (debit card transactions) and other payments or withdrawals authorized by you against your checking account. If you opt-in:

  • Granite Credit Union can authorize your charges even if you don’t have sufficient funds.
  • Eliminates the embarrassment and awkwardness of a merchant declining your transaction.

There is no cost to opt in to allow us to pay overdraft debit card items. Most members seldom use this service since they keep sufficient funds in their account and have a line of credit to cover overdrafts. However, there may be times when your deposit doesn’t get made on time or, for whatever reason, your funds are insufficient.  In that case, if we cover your charge there is a $25 fee per transaction.

What does Not Opting-in mean?

  • If you have insufficient funds Granite Credit Union will not authorize your charge and your transaction will be declined.
  • On the positive side, you won’t spend money you don’t have.

Opt-in by completing the form to the right. If you still have question, please call 801-288-3000 or toll free at 888-GCU-TEAM.

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