Sometimes you need some extra cash for computer equipment, to consolidate debts or other personal needs. A Granite Credit Union Personal Loan is a simple way to obtain a loan without pledging collateral. We offer the best rates and most convenient terms possible.

Secured Personal

This is a great option if you are working on building your credit! Secure your loan with your own funds and build your credit history while paying yourself back at a low interest rate and minimum monthly payment.

Unsecured Personal

An unsecured loan is a simple way to obtain a loan without collateral. This is a great option for debt consolidation, a new computer, or other personal needs.

Overdraft Line of Credit

Sometimes, even despite the best budgeting practices, unexpected expenses can sneak up and catch us unprepared. An overdraft line of credit is a great way to be prepared for those unexpected emergencies. A line of credit is a loan available if you are running a little short. We’ll cover your expenses (up to your approved limit) so you can still use your debit card or online banking to pay your bills. You’ll pay a small interest charge until you are able to pay back the loan and get back on track.

Whether taking a dream vacation, remodeling your home, or dealing with unexpected expenses, a Personal Loan from Granite Credit Union can get you on track quickly.