Protect your investment with these great products from Granite Credit union. You may not need them all, but you’ll get peace of mind knowing you are protected if something goes wrong. Plus purchasing these products through the credit union could save you a bundle.

Extended Warranty

Even the most reliable vehicles can develop issues. An extended warranty through Granite and Route 66 can protect you against mechanical issues. Rental Car Allowance and No Deductible are just a couple of great benefits. Check out the brochure below:

GAP Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection covers the “gap” between the vehicle value and the amount you still owe in the event of an accident or your vehicle is stolen. Investing in a GAP Policy will not only protect your investment, but buying through Granite could save you about half the cost of buying it elsewhere. Learn more below:

GAP Protection Brochure (PDF)

Debt Protection

Crazy things happen in life sometime. Debt protection can protect you (or those left behind) in the event of death, disability or unemployment. Check out the brochure below to learn more:

Let us help you get the protection you need!