Fee Schedule

Effective December 1, 2010

Checking Account Fees
Overdraft/Paid Item Fee $25.00/Item
NSF/Returned Item Fee $25.00/Item
Special Handling Fee $25.00/Item or Event
Stop Payment Fee $25.00/Request
Check Printing Fee Prices Vary
Other Service Fees
BillPay Service Up to $4.95/month
Account Reconciliation $20.00/Hour
Account Research $20.00/Hour
Special Handling Fee $25.00/Item or Event
Statement Copy Fee $2.00/Copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $10.00/Item
Domestic Collection Items $25.00/Item
International Collection Items $40.00/Item
Domestic Wire Fee $20.00/Transfer
International Wire Fee $40.00/Transfer
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00/Transfer
Official Check
One free per Transaction
Dormant Account Fee
No account activity for 1 year and account balance < $100
Visa Cash Advance Fee $5.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00
Account Closure Fee
If account closed within 90 days
Returned Mail Fee $5.00/Item
VISA Replacement Fee $5.00/Card
VISA Replacement Rush $25.00/Card
Coin Counting Fee 5% of the amount
Money Order $1.50
Telephone Payment (EFT) $2.00
Telephone Payment (Credit Card) $2.00
Travelers Cheques for Two 1% of purchase
American Express Gift Cheques $2.50/Item
American Express Gift Cards $3.95/Item
Travel Funds Cards $14.95/Item
VISA Gift Cards $3.00/Item
Skip Payment Fee $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental Size 3×5 $20.00/Year
Annual Rental Size 3×10 $30.00/Year
Annual Rental Size 5×10 $45.00/Year
Annual Rental Size 10×10 $80.00/Year
Annual Rental Size 5×5 $25.00/Year
Change of Lock and Keys $35.00/Lock
Drilling of Boxes $100.00/Box