No cash required – the Visa Debit Card

Leave your checkbook at home and your cash in your wallet! Get your own VISA Debit Card from Granite Credit Union. You can use this card to make purchases and pay for services, and it’s as good as cash. The funds are deducted directly from your checking account, giving you credit-card-type convenience without the debt or interest charges. You can even get cash back when making purchases!

Your card can come with a line of credit for your protection. If your checking account has insufficient funds on deposit, we will advance enough money (up to your maximum credit limit) to cover any clearing items.

Accepted Worldwide

Because we’ve partnered with VISA to offer you this check card, you can use it anywhere that VISA is accepted – which is pretty much everywhere you’re going to be. Just look for any participating merchant location that accepts VISA or debit cards, and you’re in business.

Get your own GCU Visa Debit Card today, and see for yourself the places it’ll take you. Simply apply online.



The GCU VISA Debit Card – in step with everywhere you want to be.