If you want your investment to grow quickly consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD). A CD is a low-risk, higher-yield term investment. You determine your rate based on the terms you choose.

Traditional Certificates

Choose your rate or term and then sit back and watch your nest egg grow!

  • Get started with as little as $500
  • Terms from 6 to 84 months

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First-Step Certificates

A great way to ease into savings and watch it really pile up is a First-Step CD. You’ll still get a great rate, and saving is fun and easy.

  • Get started with as little as $25.00
  • Schedule a recurring monthly transfer (as little as $25.00)
  • 12 and 24 month terms available

Alumni Association Certificates

For our members age 55 or better we offer a special 18 month CD.

  • Get started with as little as $500
  • Special 18 month term

Saving can be easy and watching your money grow is fun! Use the links below and you’ll be saving in no time!