On a spring afternoon in May 1935, a group of Granite School District employees met and formed Granite Teachers Credit Union. Their goal was to create a financial cooperative where the members could earn a good return on their savings and borrow at a competitive rate. Granite Credit Union began as an education credit union. Although we have dropped “Teachers” from our name, we continue to have deep roots in education. One of our primary goals is to keep our members informed about all of the options available in the financial marketplace. We hope to help guide you to the products and services that will help you reach your financial goals. We are dedicated to the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.” Everything we do at Granite Credit Union is done with our members in mind.

Our┬ámission is “To be our members’ 1st choice for high-quality financial products and services.”

We are striving to provide our members with services that:

  • Save money by being fairly priced.
  • Are convenient to use.
  • Save time with short lines and fast answers.
  • Provide a friendly atmosphere to do business.
  • Provide a safe and secure place to save and borrow.

We have worked hard to provide a full line of products, a great place to borrow money for today, and a safe place to save for tomorrow.