Earn 1 point for every $ you spend on everyday purchases, like fuel and groceries and holiday gifts when you use your “Rewards!” card. Travel rewards and merchandise rewards add up fast. Once you use your rewards for a free trip, you’ll never use another card.

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School starts on August 21, 2017 for Granite, Salt Lake, and Murray School Districts. But how do you keep your kids entertained until then? On July 5th, Brent Severe, the CEO of the Granite Education Foundation along with Katie Petersen, Marketing Assistant for Granite Credit Union were interviewed on Good Things Utah to explain how the Granite Education Foundation has teamed up with the Granite School District to stop summer learning loss with a program called “Brag Badges”. Learn all about it by watching the Good Things Utah segment or visit the Granite Education Foundation website.

According to USNews, the following are the “6 Best Times to Buy a Car.”

#1 Mondays – Since most buyers shop on the weekend, the largest discounts are actually on Monday.

#2 May – Dealers need to clear out inventory for the new models

#3 October – All the “left over” models go on sale at big discounts especially at the end of the month.

#4 November, #5 December, #6 New Years Eve.  https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/6-best-times-to-buy-a-car

So, if you’re in the market for a new car, keep in mind that there are 5 Mondays in October. And remember, no matter when you buy a new car, you won’t beat Granite Credit Union’s rate at 2.74% APR for up to 72 months. See details.

Granite Credit Union’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for February 22th, 2017. three seats on the seven-member Board of Directors will be vacated on this date. Granite’s nomination committee has recommended that Maxine Babalis, Lon Tibbitts and Richard Welch retain their current seats. This means that an election is not scheduled to be conducted. Continue reading “Annual Meeting”

Bring Christmas to a child in need

Granite Credit Union gives you the chance to be someone’s Christmas miracle this year through their annual giving tree.

The Granite Credit Union Giving Tree will bring Christmas to children who otherwise would go without. Thank you for your contribution to a child’s happiness.

We will be closed on 12/26/2016 in observance of Christmas.

It is Tax season again, and along with that comes FRAUD.  The TIGTA, (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) has issued an alert to all Taxpayers, to be aware of the increase in criminals posing as IRS Agents.  These criminals contact Taxpayers over the phone and are aggressive and persistent about getting your money.

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