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Financial Literacy

It’s always the perfect time to start learning about money!

Why is Financial Literacy Important?

We’ve all heard the saying, “money can’t buy happiness”. This may be true, but not knowing how to manage the money you do have can bring stress and unhappiness to your life.  Whether you are a teen who just received your first paycheck, or an adult with a mortgage, being educated about finances will allow you to make choices with your money that will benefit you and your future.

Each month we post about a different topic to help increase your financial knowledge. All past topics can be found on our social media and YouTube channel.

It’s a Money Thing Academy

The Academy is FREE to join and you can pick and choose what courses you’d like to take. While money is important to everyone, learning about money can be pretty dry and boring — that’s why It’s a Money Thing does their best to entertain you while increasing your knowledge!

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Debt is stressful, it’s expensive and it limits the amount of money you can put toward your life goals.

Build Your Repayment Plan

  • Get Organized
  • Choose a Strategy
    • Snowball
    • Avalanche
    • Consolidation
  • Follow a Monthly Plan