Community Involvement

School Districts

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Granite Credit Union has a special relationship with our school districts above. Employees of each of these districts are eligible for the benefits of membership at Granite. Our community involvement is also directed primarily at communities in and around these three districts.

Granite School District

Teacher Supply Card Program

Teacher Supply Card Program for Granite School District Teachers

We are excited to partner with you to manage your legislatively allocated supply funds.

Click Here for our GSD Teacher Supply Card Program page.

Granite Teacher Supply Card VISA card

Salt Lake School District

National Board Certification Loan Info

Salt Lake City School District Partnership

Granite Credit Union is excited to partner with you and the Salt Lake City School District to bring National Board Certification more within reach. We’re pleased to offer Salt Lake City Teachers a no-credit qualification, super-low rate personal loan to help you acquire your National Board Certification.

Click Here for our National Board Certification Loan Page